El hombre sin miedo

Aballay was an ill-tempered gaucho, resentful, a bandit, a murderer. But, sometimes, the image that is given back by a mirror makes a person reconsider his whole life. In Aballay’s case, a child’s glance was that mirror. After viciously killing a man, the terrorized glance of the victim’s young son makes him realize about his viciousness, of his lack of humanity.

Awards and Nominations

  • Award Movie City, winner in the category People’s Choice Award.
  • Special Mention of the Jury in the Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2010- Argentina
  • PantalllaPinamar Film Festival- Award Balance de Plata-Argentina
  • Malaga Film Festival -Jury Mention- Spain
  • Lleida Festival, Moro Anghileri awarded as Best Actress - Spain
  • Mostra Cine Latinoamericano ,Catalunya, Spain -Special Mention of the Jury .
  • Best Picture, Western Film Festival, Almeria, Spain 2011.
  • Jury’s Award in Argentinische - Filmtage Leipzig 2011
  • Winner of eight Sur Awards given by Argentine Academy of Motion Pictures.
  • Sur Award - Best Director, Fernando Spiner
  • Best Actress, Moro Anghileri
  • Best Supporting Actor, Claudio Rissi
  • Best adaptation, Fernando Spiner, Javier Diment, Santiago Hadida.
  • Best Photography, Claudio Beiza
  • Best Film Editing , Alejandro Parysow
  • Best Art Direction, Sandra Iurcovich
  • Best Original Score, Gustavo Pomerac
  • Academy Awards, chosen by Argentina to compete as Best Foreign Language Film
  • Condor Awards,Argentine Cinema Journalists Association
  • Best Supporting Actor-Claudio Rissi,
  • Best Adapted Screenplay- Fernando Spiner, Javier Diment, Santiago Hadida,
  • Best Photography- Claudio Beiza.